The SPILL Festival of Performance is an international festival of contemporary arts and activism. Created in 2007 by artist Robert Pacitti and produced by Pacitti Company, SPILL presents the work of exceptional artists from around the globe, featuring live performance, sound + music, film + video, plus projects exploring heritage + place. The festival is for anyone interested in the arts, people that might not think they are, and also kids + families.

For our ninth edition of SPILL (25 October-4 November) we are thinking about time – about the past, the present and the future; about those who went before us, those who we share today with (and maybe tomorrow?) and those we will never meet beyond ourselves. We are also thinking about being on time; and about what it means to take action at the right (or indeed wrong) moment.

Long lead project details are being released throughout the year and the full programme will be launched in the Summer. For now, be sure to look at Clarion Call on the Events page – it is going to be outstanding.

Until then…

Robert Pacitti

Artistic Director & Curator

SPILL Festival of Performance is produced in-house as an initiative of:

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