The SPILL 2016 Thinker-In-Residence is artist and researcher Johanna Linsley.

Johanna Linsley’s work is iterative and generally results in multiple versions or outcomes, and speculative or fantastical elements often appear. She is currently developing a project with Rebecca Louise Collins called Stolen Voices, which is about eavesdropping around the UK coast. Johanna is part of the London-based live art team I’m With You, which investigates queerness, domesticity, private life and public space. She is also a founding partner of UnionDocs, a centre for documentary art in Brooklyn, New York.

In line with the theme of ‘En Masse’ Johanna is running a series of coffee mornings in conversation with artists from the festival under the titled ‘How to Be Together’. Each day has a different focus…

Thursday, 27 October: How to Work Together

Latai Taumoepeau, Ocean Island Mine 

Vijay Patel, Pull the Trigger

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Because of Hair: the Dichotomy of Culture and Identity 

Friday, 28 October: How to Live Together

Justin Hopper, Public Record

Mark Offord, Strand 

Umama Hamido, Hind

Local Foreigner, Hom(e)age 

Saturday, 29 October: How to Be an Audience Together

Shabnam Shabazi, Terra Nullis 

Mike Challis, Soundhide 

Leisa Shelton-Campbell, Scribe 

Sunday, 30 October: How to Hang Out Together

Anton Roberts, SPILL Dome, Hip-Hop/Rap/Reggae night 

Samuel Kennedy, Karaoke, Men, Mother and Me 

Rhiannon Armstrong, Public Self-Care Systems

Hina Siddiqui, SPILL International Intern

Each coffee morning is accompanied by a ‘workbook’. They are the result of a request, sent to friends and colleagues, for excerpts of texts relating to the themes of How to Be Together. It’s an eclectic collection: not a coherent field of research but a document of some particular (group) thinking. The workbook will be updated everyday of the festival.

1) How to Work Together – workbook

2) How to Live Together

3) How to Be an Audience Together

4) How to Hang Out Together


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