Pacitti Company sincerely thanks the following organisations and the teams that staff them for their generous support, without which SPILL Festival of Performance would not be possible:


We also send sincere thanks to the following people and organisations for their valued contributions to SPILL Festival:

14 –18 NOW, Adam Keer, Aidan Coughlan, Alice Boff, Alexis Stevens, All About Ipswich, Amy Wragg, Andrew Stock, Angie Smith, Anna Matthews, Audrey Ludwig, the Barbican, Ben Lewry, Bill Seaman, Brendan Keaney, Bryony Rudkin, Caroline Smith, Cathy Frost, Copleston High School, Damian Etherington, Dance East, Dark Mofo, Dave Gregory, David Ellesmere, Dee Hopkins, Diana Damian Martin, EDRM, Ellie DeGory, Emily Sullivan, Emma Dunton, Fi Mason, Graham Hornsby, The Greyhound, Helen Dawson, Helen Marriage, Helen Pluck, Ipswich Borough Council, Ipswich Film Theatre Trust, Ipswich Museum, Ipswich Town & Waterfront, Jack Ingham, Jane Riley, Jane Watt, James Fairclough, James Steward, Jayne Knight, Jeni Draper, Jenny Waldman, Jeremy Smith, Jim Brown, John Burn, Jon Opie, Jude Gun, Kate Gould, Kate Harvey, Kirstie Thorpe, La Tour Cycle Café, Leanne Cosby, Lenny Newcombe, Liana Psarologaki, Lilli Geissendorfer, Linda Pipe, Lousie Hartwell, Lynette Domoney, Mafe Valen, Mark Hunter, Mark Offord, Martin Pike, Mark Whiting, Michelle Emmerson‐Grey, Michelle Patrick, MIND, Nathaniel Coughlan, Nigel Hinds, New Wolsey Theatre, Pak Ling Wan, Paul Ager, Penta Hotel Ipswich, Peter Ling, Photo East, Rebekah Jones, Ria Hartley, Rich Yates, Richard Lister, Richard MacRae, Robert Gough, Robert Lewis‐Pyke, Russell Williams, Sammi Wong, Sarah DeMelo, Sarah Holmes, Saskia Stent, Selina Ocean, Sophie Travers, SSAFA, Steven Allman, Susan Elaine Jones, Terry Hunt, Tim Greenacre, Titans Security, Toni Racklin, Tony Chibnall, Tony Street, University of Suffolk, and We Are Ipswich.

Thanks to every artist and company that took time to apply for the SPILL OPEN from around the world, and all contributors to the SPILL Reader. Thanks too to our anonymous donors.

SPILL would not be possible without all the amazing artists presenting work, the hard graft of the technical crew, all the folk that make it happen but remain unseen including individuals who kindly donate, and the time given very generously by many volunteers. We sincerely thank each and every one of them.

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