Fri 02 Nov 2012


Photo by Marco Berardi

This work utilises the rhythm and repetition of voice and actions over duration to allow for the emergence of narrative. Taking performance as an act of inscription, writing the body in time and space; Bean scars the body as a mode of accessing altered states, a drawing of narrative and a twisting of the temporality of performance.

Contained by the secrecy of the night hours and the wearing of horse blinkers; the performance score involves actions of cutting, tattooing, writing and speaking. The work explores domestication and the feral through actions that open and restrict the body (such as fasting, cutting and urinating).

Bean’s artistic practice stems from obsessive, paranoid, scientific and anthropological research. Her work has been described as deliberately “accidental, scattered, scuffed, blurry and incomplete.” Oscillating the poles of violence/meditation, power/control, movement/home; it revels in the feral actions, inscriptions and fringe existence of the nomadic body. Bean is currently focused on the inscription of her flesh, as an act of both reclaiming and disowning her body as material.