When We Meet Again

Me and the Machine

Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

Chloe Ducharne

“The first time we met, you could see me but I couldn’t see you”, the invisible woman recounts. When We Meet Again (Introduced As Friends) is a wearable film and one-to-one performance, a bizarre sensuous experience featuring you, your invisible friend, a 3D soundtrack, an old forgotten dance, the ocean, a flavour and me. Video filmed from a first person perspective and displayed on video goggles replaces your point of view by… someone else’s. When you look down you see a new body, a body through which you will move and encounter mysterious presences. Through a unique journey of encounters mediated by technology, blinded by vision, displaced by what you hear and see around you but you know is not ‘really’ there, When We Meet Again wonders about the function (and defunction) of the body in our media inundated times.

Me and the Machine are Sam Pearson and Clara García Fraile. Their interdisciplinary work combines groundbreaking uses of audiovisual technology and interactive media with choreographed performance, evocative text and distinctive imagery.

Devised and created by Clara Garcia Fraile and Sam Pearson. Music by Sam Pearson. Me and the Machine are supported artists of The Basement, Brighton. Supported by Arts Council England, The Basement, Blast Theory and South East Dance. Commissioned by Brighton & Hove Arts Commission, Moves Festival, Ingravid Festival.

Photo credit: Chloe Ducharne