Welcome to SPILL 2011

Thu 01 Jan 1970

This year SPILL has been curated around notions of infection. Performance presents us with multiple layers of ideas, images and politic, but how do we – the audience – receive these live transmissions? Does information simply arrive in straight lines, making the same sense to each of us? Or does it cross-pollinate with our own individual experiences, contaminating each personal reading to form new hybrid knowledge?

I am delighted that this year SPILL is presented in partnership with the Barbican. Amongst the programme are large ambitious stage works, small delicate interventions, stunning installations, a SPILL Thinker in Residence, infected artist talks, contaminated salons, paranoid film, contagious music, a party, and even a backstage feast.

In addition, the SPILL National Platform proudly presents the work of 12 exceptional emergent makes at the National Theatre Studio. SPILL spreads like an epidemic of ideas across this Easter – be sure to catch it.

Now wash your hands.

Robert Pacitti
SPILL Festival Artistic Director