Void Story

Forced Entertainment

Tue 21 Apr 2009
Wed 22 Apr 2009
Thu 23 Apr 2009
Fri 24 Apr 2009
Sat 25 Apr 2009

Soho Theatre

Void Story follows a beleaguered pair of protagonists on a rollercoaster ride through the decimated remains of contemporary culture.  Navigating one terrible cityscape after another, mugged, shot at and bitten by insects, pursued through subterranean tunnel systems, stowed away in refrigerated transport, shacked up in haunted hotels and lost in wilderness, backstreets and bewildering funfairs, they travel to the centre a night so intense that there are no stars to be seen.

Forced Entertainment perform the bleak and comical contemporary fable of Void Story as if it were a radio play, sitting at tables, turning the pages of the script, ‘doing’ the requisite voices and adding in sound effects for gunshots, rain and bad phone-lines.  Simultaneously the otherwise empty stage is dominated by a series of projected images, a storyboard for an impossible movie-version of Tim Etchells’ uniquely unsettling text. Void Story is a new Forced Entertainment project made for SPILL with support from Tanzquartier, Vienna.

Forced Entertainment are a group of six artists based in Sheffield, UK and has been billed by The Guardian as Britain’s most brilliant experimental theatre company.  2009 marks their 25th anniversary.

Confounding conventions and exploding audience expectations –  The Times

One of Britain’s greatest theatre companies – The Guardian

Theatre turned inside out – Sunday Times

Forced Entertainment is regularly funded by Arts Council, England and Sheffield City Council