This Rose Made of Leather

jamie lewis hadley (UK)

Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

jamie lewis hadley’s current practise utilises his career as a professional wrestler and uses it as a departure point to create live art performances, actions and installations that explore, both aesthetically and thematically: deterioration, endurance, pain and violence. These performances are concerned with investigating how spectacles and the control of pain, violence and blood interact with the performance of masculinities and positions of authority.

Jamie’s other area of enquiry focuses on using repetition, duration, blood and violent acts as strategies to interrogate the spectator’s capacity for complicity. He aims to create charged spaces that incubate negotiable viewings of the male body and its behaviours. Jamie states that he wants his work to challenge and engage, disgust and excite; to provoke and promote spectator autonomy.

Photo credit: Tony Perez