These Tender Alms

Crisis + Denial (UK/CANADA)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

Town Hall

Photo by Julia Bauer

Playing about in drag, these tender alms are carried out by Lesley Ewen and Catherine Hoffmann. Things may go wrong. Things may collapse.

A curious concert. Absurd cover songs arranged to reveal. Odd rituals made to make meaning. Food for thought from the corner shop. Dissonant personae, displaced, searching for an outlet.

How to embrace the irrationality of our world and still defiantly continue our peculiar search for significance? What at first looks awkward and flailing in ourselves may just save us. Here are some thrift shop rituals that might bring us together, satisfy our craving for connection, or at least for crisps.

Lesley Ewen and Catherine Hoffman are solo Live Art performers with long and varied independent practices. In July 2015 they began performing together; part of Dickie Beau’s intentional drag family House of Strange Loops. A distinctive dissonance/resonance emerges when their drag personae play together, “…disturbing and hilarious in equal measures”.

  • Thanks to: BUZZCUT, The Yard

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