The Test Of Intelligence

Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Thu 01 Nov 2012


Photo by Helena Goldwater

The Test of Intelligence shows how for too long we have accepted intelligence as a hierarchical structure, allowed intelligence to inform our responses and demean those lesser informed. But is intelligence not just a social construct like that of religion, are we not just falling for the same power structures religion once imposed?

The performance takes two familiar situations and pushes them together; the IQ test and the lecture/sermon. The audience take part in both, physically undertaking an intelligence test with a difference, whilst enduring a monologue that questions the reality of intelligence.

Amelia Beavis-Harrison is an artist based in Nottingham. Since graduating in 2007 Amelia has shown, performed and exhibited predominantly in the UK and increasingly within Europe. Amelia’s work crosses the practices of visual art and theatre often materialising in performance works that use the audiences as a key component. Using research as a process to develop work, the performances often stem from historical and political context highlighting at times the unexceptional or forgotten.