The Last To See Them Alive: Sex, Slaughter & the City

Unreasonable Adults

Fri 13 Apr 2007
Sat 14 Apr 2007

Soho Theatre

(World Premiere)

Unreasonable Adults (Australia)

(we tried being reasonable, it didn’t work out) 

” How do you meet Mr Right in an age of Serial Killers?” 

‘The Last To See Them Alive’ explores what it means to be the victim and/or victor in the game of serial murder and serial monogamy in the big city. 

An unsettling mix of monologue, music, song, video confession, direct audience address and live acts of transgression, it embodies women’s fear and desire for the city, through their internal map of city-space and the stories of women’s experience as depicted in the conflicting narratives of the television series ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.’

Creating a dynamic space for engagement between performer and audience at the intersection between violent desire and the desire for violence, it is a romantic suspense, a seduction, an invitation to watch a crime unfold. And it asks us: is it ethical to take pleasure in the deaths of others for the sake of entertainment? Why are serial murder and serial monogamy so addictive? Do serial viewers create serial killers, and if so, who are the victims?

UNREASONABLE ADULTS is an Australian performance/media collective. Recent major online works have been presented in Brazil and commissioned by Artrage/ Previous works include ‘The End of Romance’ and ‘Sweet/Nothing’, both durational live performances for site-specific locations around Australia; ‘Stereopublic’ (1999-2002), ‘Shy Boy’ (2001), ‘Peculiar’ (2003) and ‘Outside World’ (2004). ‘The Last To See Them Alive: Sex, Slaughter & the City was first developed in residency at the HotHouse Theatre, Albury, New South Wales in May 2006.

Supported by Arts SA and Performance Space, Sydney