The Cabinet of Curiosities

Edythe Woolley (UK)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

High Street Exhibitional Gallery

Photo by Tom Hensher

Welcome to the wonder rooms, a living Cabinet of Curiosities.

Here, Victorian velvet décor clashes with a desire for plastic, shiny new things. Shiny breasts and button bottoms, plastic faces frozen to perfect pouts. Designer vagina surgeons come into conversation with the most ancient female exhibitionist Sheela-Na Gig whose vulva is carved from stone. This is a live exhibition of The Cabinet of Curiosities, where one body takes many curious forms. A mini historic romp through the female form grotesquely squeezed into cabinets and jars displayed for all who wish to see.

Edythe Woolley is a feminist performance artist whose work explores the grotesque and revels in the surreal and excreting body. Work embraces taboos and aims to transcend society’s gendered constructions. She provokes the boundaries between masculinity and femininity to celebrate queerness.

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