Tears of Eros

Carla Esperanza Tommasini

Mon 13 Apr 2009
Tue 14 Apr 2009


Tears of Eros is a solo performance that engages the body to enact a visual exploration of the qualities of erotic desire. It is built on reflections around the female figure and its eroticized representation, focusing on the plasticity of its forms as well as a desire to encounter one’s own image reflected, duplicated and multiplied.

An asexual, golden body undertakes a journey of exploration through the fragility of intimacy and the exposure of passion, a solitary movement through the unstable and floating qualities of desire. Tears of Eros is a beautiful, intimate and concentrated work, and is the third phase of research into ‘the soliloquy of the lover’.


Carla Esperanza Tommasini is a young emergent artist who works in live performance. Born in Venezuela and raised in Italy, she completed an MA in Contemporary Performance Practice at Brunel University in 2007.

Combining a variety of experiences and past collaborations, ranging from experimental theatre, performance and live art, her practice develops around the exploration of human passions, researching notions of identity, desire and identification. She is interested in performance as a place for symbolic actions and shared rituals, considering the body as a site for artistic creation.


Created and performed by Carla Esperanza Tommasini
Sound by Ootchio

Part of Triple Bill
with Harminder Singh Judge and Richard Haynes