Hancock & Kelly

Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mon 09 Apr 2007


Manuel Vason

In the drawing room, a conversation begins… What is your most revealing memory? Where in your body can you feel it, and what would you do to my body to make me feel it too?

Taking as its starting points the live tattooing of Traci Kelly and the artists’ attempts to locate and hold their audience’s most revealing memories, ‘Tattoo’ is a touching call to arms, a desire to embrace all that cannot be held or forgotten, and a series of prayers, read to the sea.

Where does one body end and another begin?

During the performance, Kelly will continue to have the length of her back tattooed in a pattern drawn from the wallpaper of Richard Hancock’s childhood home. The tattoo will form a permanent exhibit, a visceral exchange of memories from one body to another, while Hancock and Kelly embrace and embody the memories of those that have been lost along the way, making a new work with its origins in the hearts and souls of past audiences, lost lovers, and forgotten friends.

Since 2001, Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly have collaborated on poetic and visceral works of live art and performance, as a duo and in collaboration with others, across the UK, Europe and Mexico. Since 2005, Hancock and Kelly have been engaged in an ongoing series of solo performances, each responding to the work of the other. In November 2006, they premiered the performance installation ‘Iconographia’ alongside their photographic collaboration with Manuel Vason, at greenroom, Manchester. Their new company work, ‘Tattoo’, will be drawn over four cities in the UK across Spring 2007; beginning at SPILL and continuing in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Bristol.