Sat 03 Nov 2012

High Street Exhibitional Gallery

Photo by Manuel Vason

“Living is a perpetual heavy effort not to lose sight of ourselves, to stay solidly present in ourselves, in our stasis. Step outside ourselves for a mere instant, and we verge on death’s dominion”. (Kundera, Testaments Betrayed)

Zero-Tau is composed from ForTune, Georgia Kalogeropoulou and Maria Sideri. Their collaboration lies on a mixed media performance that explores the idea of Stasis as a metaphor of liveness and presence.

Georgia Kalogeropoulou is a researcher in psychoanalysis and philosophy and musician based in London. Her research centers on the construction of time as repetition aiming to explore music as the quest of a living hermeneutics.

Maria Sideri is a performance maker based in London. With a background in anthropology her research is focused on movement, gesture and voice in different temporal and spatial boundaries.

ForTune is a musician and composer playing piano and violin with extensive studies in music theory, counterpoint and classical and contemporary composition.