Thu 01 Jan 1970

As part of Oreet Ashery’s SPILL Salons, Rachel Porter and Edd Hobbs have been documenting infection through writing. See the first post for a description of their approach to writing.
5 O’Clock with Uma, 20th April 2011

glorious who saw that the work is not in the room I think we saw a musical not a performance repetition echo uma does not have a microphone today she is harder to hear or I am hard of hearing les mis by schoolchildren like performance art I didn’t see the necessity to repeat with a difference infection and transparency my hands are sweaty today they are sticking to the transparent plastic sheet what sticks through repetition what remains what continue to infect adapt what did you think about the sculptural structure of the dress an architectural structure like the barbican when I was watching it I was thinking about layering the layering of identity the layering of structure an object near a body moving from object to body time to think time to question why were the women wearing dresses why can’t the men wear dresses shift the focus a sense of hope on stage everybody was cared for everybody was important artist in centre as a goddess sense of optimism that a woman could beautifully rule the universe beauty in skill and precision transparency in how it’s made plenty of time to reflect and listen stories london now hope and optimism make new friends and saved a cat close to the characters what kind of relationship were they holding there were a couple of things that I picked up on pointing fingers vested interest please refrain from reading me as her responsiveness how can you be responsive beyond the immediate context be responsive outside of the room in a performance art setting one night out of several months of work what is the best way to reflect the work power speaking on behalf speaking for performance as rescue or protection power differential between artist between artist and non artist art with communities the artist’s position becomes a problem or an issue the piece had many flaws many floors like the barbican more than one artist involved in the performance comfort and space I couldn’t see a hierarchy all I could see was a space the difficulty when trying to make performance art accessible is the inability to realise that the art happens between people it’s important to look at what we’re looking at why we’re looking at it and how we’re looking at it the work asks us to do some of the work transparent process speaking clearly danger of commodifying product of performance because we have a ticket in our hand the language of performance is a problem the naming of it as performance labelling normally when I hear repetitive music I go away with it stuck in my head like my hands on the plastic sheet or like an infection but this performance made me think of a bollywood song different didn’t go to disneyland went to performance festivals comfortable with difference until I feel really different where is the line mum leading a performance workshop breaking the school rules did it make it easier to talk about performance art why does performance always have to be so ugly all women’s performance festival is it important to have a space for all women’s performance identity cultural identity colonisation diaspora layering of theory identify with expectation identify with national identity but I do identify with regional identity expectations change in different contexts twenty two need to get married soon i’m twenty two too do I need to get married soon ethnographic study in an indian restaurant not indian just brown conversation blows them away bound by contexts I have never seen a women working in an indian restaurant where are the women are they around the back cooking food somewhere where is the touch of an indian woman not allowed to do physical tasks looking after me can you look before or do you always look after why are you performing within circles of people who would not be effected by it how can you take the work outside of the circle outside of this circle a conversation trying to investigate debate why do you have conversation within a bubble how do you burst the bubble take it out to a wider audience infect take it out also means to stop something infect means affect authenticity really means that it does generate the witness participates in the performance put it in an outside space put it under a cover size of audience doesn’t matter audience growing like a cancerous infection more audience more money website as a way of taking the work outside and to another space barbican is another space how can performance change the world how was it for you good what are you going to take from it I’m going to take experience talking about what performance is but with different words and different languages quite a few people saw it their hands must have risen but I didn’t see them more of a musical than a performance people reading from sheets of paper repeat repeat amateur les mis is performance art too much repetition infectious repetition repeated transparency with alteration seeing the mechanism over prepared what is the most prepared something can be what does something that is prepared look like a big dress a simple dress a layered dress layered thoughts structured gold fluid layers object to body body to object time to question why they had bare feet I wouldn’t be comfortable in a dress I just wouldn’t a sense of hope the residents were cared for men in dresses optimistic goddess matriarchal optimism it’s going to be alright she looked like a man androgynous not because of her hair the prescription the timing the scores the exits the layering that made it a performance a name drops what did you think of the story it felt london now I made new friends I saved a cat an emotional up and down I wanted to know why I wanted to know more without pointing fingers somewhat impartial responsiveness and power capacity for performance art to be live with the here and now the room that we’re in the piece melds the live with the story the fact with the fiction artists speaking on behalf of non artists problem of exploitation using people using people who raise questions community conflict making the issues visual a collaborative exercise the strength of looking comfortable on a big stage in a big dress I didn’t see a hierarchy an exchange between artists and non artists can you categorise people in that way why not challenge the binary audience responsibility artist responsibility are they mutually exclusive the boundaries begin to blur as these words will blur under other words layers of words on words repeat repeat the language part the naming of performance art what does the act of naming do does a name make something more real does a name affect the way we perceive information can a name infect a piece a bollywood song in my head until midnight unusual parents when my friends went to disneyland I went to a performance art festival I’ve always been different different friends why are school friends different to the friends we meet when we’re travelling throwing herself against the door why does it have to be so ugly what is ugly is the barbican ugly or is it beautiful a space just for women performers but would they wear dresses it just keeps spreading and spreading an infection frustration with misrepresentation problems with expectation i’ll need to find a man soon will he be wearing a dress aggression and tear eating curry on a friday night you know a lot of things bound by different contexts to take a step back to cook fish curry instead of pasta taking the bins out buckets of ice that makes sense but why aren’t you telling it to people who will be affected by the work a message from jamie conversation take the conversation out the bubble infecting wider audience infect affect size doesn’t matter but authenticity does the witness participates in the process it started intimate but now it’s shifting passing on growing spreading online are you reading these words of a wall or off a computer screen have you been infected we’re talking about numbers it’s fluid how was it for you good i’m going to take this experience with me every time you see it she repeats it