Temper Temper

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Sayaka Maruyama

Join us to celebrate all that’s good about SPILL as we dance into the small hours with some great local DJ’s and a very special guest appearance by the sensational Temper Temper.Temper Temper’s original epic sound fuses muscular jazz, glittering blues and weimar rock and roll; with a crunching drum beat that shakes the walls, and a thick bassline that echoes in the chest.

“A marvellous chanteuse” – The Times 

Led by Wendy Bevan’s hauntingly beautiful voice, ‘a stunning performance that is pure Dietrich; a voice made of jagged highs and a spine-caressing baritone’. Her otherworldly performance as a statuesque, ghostly femme fatale is hypnotic and exposes a deep, lonely soul, and a poisoned heart which she shares with the audience; her performance vacillating from serenity to calm, brutal to beautiful, reflecting the cutting dark side of human desire. Bevan and her band create a world of ambiguity that sends a shiver to the core.

Temper Temper’s soundscape comes in torrential waves, exploring a memorable journey into a David Lynch-like world of deep emotion, rich drama and superb music.

Tickets £5