SPILL: Overspill

Various Artists

Thu 01 Jan 1970


SPILL: Overspill is a tailor-made critical writing programme, designed by Open Dialogues and produced in association with Pacitti Company. The programme is located at the heart of the SPILL Festival and explores the event of criticism in relation to performance.

Log on to find out more about the SPILL: Overspill writing community and read our critical responses to the work at the festival.

SPILL: Overspill writers are David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Mary Kate Connolly, Alex Eisenberg, Eleanor Hadley Kershaw, Mary Paterson and Theron Schmidt. For more information click here.

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Mary Paterson and Rachel Lois Clapham are the directors of Open Dialogues – a UK based collaboration that encourages informed, accessible critical writing and debate on contemporary art.  They explore critical writing as discourse and practice, in order to meet the exciting challenges of art that is live, transformative and participatory.

After the success of their collaborations during SPILL 2007, Mary and Rachel Lois have been invited to run a writing programme designed to give writers a unique opportunity to explore the workings of the festival. Throughout SPILL 2009 the 6 writers will be given access to the performances at SPILL, work closely with artists and producers in the festival, self-publish their writing online and in print for national and international audiences.  Their output will also be published elsewhere, including the continuation of our SPILL 2007 relationship with Realtime Magazine in Australia.

Mary and Rachel Lois were both writers with Live Art UK’s Writing From Live Art, 2006-2008, and have been published extensively in the UK and abroad.  Together they have developed blogs, education programmes, critical writing workshops, peer critiques, flash publications and open forums with the SPILL 2007  (London), Wooloo (Berlin), Performance Saga (Switzerland) and were supported by Arts Council England to become Writing Live Fellows for the Performa International Biennial of Performance Art in New York.’