Mem Morrison (UK)

Tue 03 Apr 2007
Wed 04 Apr 2007

Shoreditch Town Hall

Mem Morrison requests the pleasure of your company at the town hall.  Take a front row seat, join the family and meet the many potential brides at his long overdue wedding reception.

From behind the big hair and a seven-tier wedding cake a flicker of hope peers; an intimate attempt to belong to a culture, to a family and to someone.

Mem Morrison’s new production Ringside draws on a lifetime of remembered Turkish Cypriot family weddings, testing traditional values by breaking the silence and changing history forever. Will it be Mem’s turn next?


Mem Morrison’s work expands on an impressive back catalogue of memory and personal history to reflect on a wider universal human experience, often revealing previously untold truths. Whether lamenting the break-up of a relationship in an immaculate kitchen Showroom (1997) or confronting his real-life classroom bullies Undo (2004), Mem has established his own original visual narrative with an innate sense of style. Ringside follows the success of Leftovers, which continues to tour both to theatres and greasy spoon cafes throughout the UK.

Ringside is a Mem Morrison Company production. Produced by Artsadmin. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and commissioned by SPILL Festival of performance.  Co-commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre, ICIA University of Bath and Fierce! Festival with support from New Wolsey Theatre:Ipswich and Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster.