Redo Pakistan

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Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

Redo Pakistan

REDO PAKISTAN is an ongoing nomadic art project that invites artists and writers from around the world to imagine fictive and imaginative solutions to the troubled nation of Pakistan. The project takes the form of a newspaper activist stall with commissioned video art installation, performances, radio broadcasts, projected in the space on loop. The project engages with the history of Pakistan from its inception in 1947 including the contested legacy of partition, Jinnah to current concerns with nuclear warfare and jihad. The subtitle of the second edition is DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THE PRESENT TIMES based on a line from National poet of Pakistan and Pan-Islamic poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal.We ask: What if, Pakistan was to be restored, stabilized today by the social envisioners? What would a Pakistan, reconstructed today, look like?

Other Asias is a transnational artists and writers’ platform that is structured through the innovative and fluid exhibition formats from contemporary visual art practice.

Photo credit: Redo Pakistan