Punctum – And She’d Fall Into My Arms

Antonia Wilson

Sat 03 Nov 2012

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Antonia Wilson

Punctum – And She’d Fall Into My Arms is a durational performance installation concerning the lingering unfinished business of desire and the ‘leaky’ practice of minor wounding. A frightful intimacy, a delicate rupturing, a catastrophic tenderness.

Antonia Wilson is a UK based artist producing a diverse range of visual and performance work, often interdisciplinary in nature and mixing creative practices. Recent work has included live art and performance, particularly durational work, photography, installation and sound, experimenting with a variety of influences from disciplines including histories of fine art, psychology and biology.

Current research interests have centred on concepts of desire, intimacy and death, and how these might be represented or negotiated by art practices. Through interrogating and engaging with these themes her work gestures towards questioning whether the experience of the intimate moment and the horrific encounter is often one and the same scene. Her practice often seeks to explore aesthetic concerns with ‘the image’, whether grotesque, uncanny, sublime, beautiful, where one might seek to find, or to escape, annihilation, or oblivion.