Robin Deacon

Thu 16 Apr 2009
Fri 17 Apr 2009
Sat 18 Apr 2009

Soho Theatre

Casting himself as ‘operator’ rather than ‘performer’, Robin Deacon confronts indeterminate fears regarding the passage of time and the process of ageing by presenting a series of actions in strict adherence to a forgotten railway timetable. Using documentary style film, monologue and a working model railway, Prototypes asks the audience to speculate what waits at the end of the line for all of us.

Robin Deacon is an artist, writer and filmmaker based in the UK. Working since the early 1990’s, much of his work encompasses live performance with a series of performed lectures that have explored journalistic and documentary approaches to arts practice. His work is characterised by a humorous and often satirical approach to the subject matter. His performances and videos have been presented in the UK and internationally.