Thu 01 Nov 2012, Fri 02 Nov 2012

Ipswich Train Station

Photo by Dannie Price

Do you loathe the daily commute? Do you wish you could just be there? Is time spent travelling time wasted? Perhaps you need a helping hand to look at your journey in a new light? 11:18 loves train travel and the contemplative state of mind you slip into whilst gazing out of the window and listening to music. What do you really see when you look out of the window? How is our imagination triggered by the real world? Now you have the opportunity to see your journey with fresh eyes, through the memories, stories and aspirations of those who have taken the route before you.

All you have to do is watch and listen.                     

11:18 is a theatre and performance company formed in London in 2011. They make performance that is inquisitive, engaging and bold, currently specialising in making audio and installation based performances for real train journeys.

They are Camila Ymay González Ortiz (Chile), Vala Omarsdottir (Iceland), Simone Waller (UK), Bii Orprasert (Thailand) and Charlotte Hodkinson (Ireland).

Limited capacity. Sign up on the day at SPILL Central. Arrive at Ipswich Train Station 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled show start time.