Francoise Berlanger

Wed 11 Apr 2007
Thu 12 Apr 2007

Barbican (Conservatory)

Marcel Berlanger

‘One of the true surprises of this years festival’  Christophe Slagmuylder, Artistic Director – KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

The unconquered Amazon Penthesilea is struck in the heart with an arrow of love fired by Achilles. She desires him and… tears him apart, devours him and then succumbs herself. Based on the text by Heinrich Von Kleist, ‘Penthesilea’ is a work about the shock of falling in love and the subsequent violence of loss. It explores the strength of words and the (de)composition of language. Working with her brother, visual artist Marcel Berlanger, two sound artists and a scenographer, Françoise Berlanger plunges us into the cruel and haunted consciousness of a woman at war with herself, as her flesh and her mind falter with fatal effect. A half-woman, half-animal body, the stage is her abyss.

Born in Oran, Algeria, Françoise Berlanger now lives and works in Brussels. After studying physical education and physiotherapy, she moved into theatre in 1989. After mask work and extensive performance across Europe, she decided to direct, joining the young Belgian director and writer Jean-Christophe Lauwers in 1999. She has also worked closely with musicians and visual artists. Her first piece of dramatic writing, ‘L’oeuf blanc’, was selected for the Enfin seul (4) festival in Brussels in October 2006.