Overpainting: Terminal Station

Tuca Moraes

Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mon 09 Apr 2007


Luiz Fernando Lobo

In ‘Overpainting: Terminal Station’, a dramatic synchonicity of dance, theatre, the plastic arts and multimedia experiment, Tuca Moraes explores the spatially provocative inflatable installation created by artist Susana Queiroga.

Overpainting is a process in which the application of a thick layer of tint or transparent shellac over a finished painting allows the paint applied underneath to stay visible and reflective. Queiroga’s installation, when it wraps us in its reddish outer skin, has a similar effect and reminds also of another overpainting: our own body and its rose-red interior. Reminds us of the pulse of Art, of an embodied sensuality, of life.

Fusing this with the texts and testimonials of people living on the edge, ‘Terminal Station’ seeks to look beneath the surface of things, to uncover the lived experience all too often hidden.

A Brazilian actress and producer for 22 years, Tuca Moraes has been working since 1992 with the award-winning theatre company Ensaio Aberto. Her most recent work was the television drama series “Sim, eu posso”, a partnership with the Brazilian Government, which aims to teach literacy to adults.

Photo: Luiz Fernando Lobo