Neil Luck

Fri 02 Nov 2012


Photo by Toshiya Suda ©Tokyo Wonder Site

Notebook is an act of translation. Not just a translation in language, but in sound. The artist’s body is transformed by taking a range of recorded, perceived or imagined physical gestures and situations as a score. A setting of fragments of text from the notebooks of Richard Foreman, Notebook is a series of sonic and physical imitations, expansions and phantom actions.

Neil Luck is a composer and performer living and working in London. His practice stems from a background in classical composition, but embraces elements of live art performance, visual art, and installation. His interests lie in the theatrical and physiological aspects of musical performance and how these can be engaged with to generate new modes of working as a solo performer, or with live musicians from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Neil explores this through strategies including alternative approaches to scoring, the use of found recordings and field recordings in live situations, and the implication of his own body into performance as a score-object.