Alan Delmar

Thu 01 Nov 2012

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Alan Delmar

Monument is a durational performance that will develop over three hours. Alan Delmar has selected a series of objects which activate certain ideas when interacted with.

The piece will unfold in an erratic sequence of actions which will form a loose and open narrative of ideas relating to history, identity, endurance, religious belief and discovery. Alan Delmar is a multidisciplinary artist but he is primarily a performance artist. His most recent work has been exploring the medium of performance as a process in itself, through crashing into walls, pressing his body into corners, and holding positions of endurance for as long as possible.

He attempts to make sense of his body in space and its potential power as a vehicle for self-expression.

In his art, he articulates more abstract human emotions through his body, going beyond words. The moment of encounter is vital to his practice; the volatile exchange of energy between the viewer and the performer, which can never be recreated in the same way.

Monument is produced with Live Collision.