Look mummy, I’m dancing


Tue 14 Apr 2009
Wed 15 Apr 2009

Soho Theatre

A transsexual woman slowly but resolutely peels off her sixty-year-old skin until we find ourselves face to face with the reverse side of a soul.
 The encounter is confrontational. The arrows hit their mark. 
This monologue is a moving lament on one person’s struggle for simple happiness, and leaves a lasting impression.


Vanessa, born a boy in 1948, became ‘the first Belgian transsexual’ at a time when medicine was pretty crude and when people did not hide their distaste. Vanessa wrote her book, ‘Look mummy, I’m dancing’, and from it distilled the monologue of the same name, which she performs in four languages all over Europe and America. In her monologue, in which Vanessa speaks openly about her sex change, she hopes to remove public prejudice and show that people who are ‘slightly different’ are also … people.

Tolerance and accepting someone who is ‘different’ are important items on Vanessa’s agenda. She recounts her moving story without shame, often making the audience burst out laughing. Quite simply ‘Look mummy, I’m dancing’ is a lesson in living.

Produced by Frans Brood

Directed by Frank Van Laecke