Gareth Cutter (UK)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

Town Hall

Photo by Gareth Cutter

LOAD is a burst of physical exertion, exhaustion and transformation; a frantic attempt to give an account of oneself as the body warps and wefts under the pressure of society’s moral codes and aesthetic values.

I want to open up; to show you everything there is to know about me; to become so transparent that you’ll look straight through me.

The result is a performance that dances with the audience on the edge of confession and evasion, masochism and catharsis, exploding the tension between presenting an authentic self versus privacy and self-preservation.

Gareth Cutter is a Live Artist, writer and musician based in London whose works stem from autobiographical experience and interests in identity and transformation, with an emphasis on physical exertion and exhaustion. He has presented works in club, cabaret, theatre and gallery contexts across the UK since 2012.

  • Additional thanks to Lancaster Arts, Live Art Bistro, Word of Warning and Camden People’s Theatre for past support

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