Various Artists

Sun 19 Apr 2009

Barbican Cinema 1

L’Inferno (12A)

With live piano and percussion accompaniment by Stephen Horne & Martin Pyne.

Based on his Divine Comedy, this early attempt to bring Dante’s vision to the big screen was inspired by the work of the 19th century artist Gustav Doré.  The first full length Italian feature film and possibly the very first film to feature male frontal nudity, the silent epic took three years to make.  Premiering in Naples in 1911 Inferno was a huge success in Italy and went on to become an international hit taking over $2 millions in the US alone.

Italy 1911 Dir. Giuseppe de Liguoro 71 min.

+ L’Inferno (PG)
Precious restored, tinted fragments of the other 1911 Italian adaptation of Dante’s story. Previously unseen in the UK.

Italy 1911 Dir. Giuseppe Berardi 14 min.

With thanks to the BFI National Archive