Letter to 100 Australian Artists

Leisa Shelton

Thu 01 Jan 1970

In March 2011, I was offered the task by the artist director of SPILL Festival, Robert Pacitti, to speak on ‘the State of the Arts in Australia’, during my time at the Festival.

In response to what initially felt like a daunting request, I sought a form which could enable what I felt were the key aspects that needed representation – the diversity, transdisciplinarity and potent nature of what I perceive Arts in Australia to be.

Focused on these considerations, I developed this project.

It is a way to create amplification to what would have been an otherwise singular perspective. It is also representative of a core aspect of my own practice, which focuses on strategies to enable  dialogue between artists, their work and the cultures and communities who engage or are engaged by this work.

The initial invitation was first sent out to 100 Australian Artists from cafes around Paris on the 30th of April.

These are the responses received, as of 12pm on the 19th of April, when this project was presented as part of the Think Tank program for SPILL Festival at the Barbican, London.

My thanks to all the artists who were curious and engaged enough with this question and their place within the Arts in Australia to respond.

LEISA SHELTON – initiating artist.