Let’s Build A Ruin

Tiffany Charrington

Fri 02 Nov 2012


Photo by Manuel Vason

Let’s build a Ruin* is a map. It has fixed coordinates and milestones. There are routes through to find certain areas, and these tend to dissolve as soon as you follow them. You can follow a trail of plaster and then see that it has gone off course. No foundations have been laid in the structure of the map, so it will inevitably crumble. But you can wander across the ruins, imagining what might be built, or what may have existed there before. Only certain pathways are lit.

Endless efforts are made to rebuild and reshape and alter the course of the map. Observation is paramount, and perception is all you need for navigation. You will pass a few ghosts. The compass is a futile object.

Tiffany is a live artist; her work connects writing, installation, performance and visual art. She is interested in ideas of performance as encounter; time, place and situation.

*Title borrowed from that of an essay published in 2010 by Erik Frederiksen.