Figs In Wigs

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Figs in Wigs

This show is made from leftovers. It is compiled from the scraps that our previous performances could not fit in. They were full, stuffed with ideas, dances and cake. We wanted to pile everything on one plate, force it down. But good taste is about balance, and when things began to interfere with the meat of our show, some juicy bits had to get the chop.

But we hate to see anything go to waste. Rather than leave everything to rot we did what Nigella does: put it in the freezer. Now, hungry for more, Figs in Wigs are going to thaw out these ideas, sift through the wreckage and rustle up something tasty. Leftovers is an experiment to see if we can transform our waste into something worthwhile, after all, one man’s trash is another man’s breakfast.

Figs in Wigs are a London based performance troupe with a passion for fashionable fruit. Their work reworks everyday words and objects into something bizarrely mundane. Their blood type is jam.