La Salle D’attente

George Stamos (Canada)
Robert Pacitti (UK)

Mon 11 May 2015
Thu 11 Jun 2015
Sat 11 Jul 2015

Toynbee Studios

Photo Quentin Crisp and George Stamos in The Waiting Room


Quentin Crisp first came to attention in 1968 when his autobiography The Naked Civil Servant was published. He died in 1999, author of 14 books and star of over 20 films. In 1996 Pacitti travelled to New York to meet and spend time with Quentin. Later Pacitti wrote of him “I have seen the face of a parent”. Civil Extracts isolates a section of Super 8 footage from that time and presents it anew as a loop. In The Waiting Room Stamos appears nude, watched by Quentin in footage from 1997, as a reference to his former self as an art-fag gogo boy; and to Crisp’s years of experience as a nude model for art classes.

Montréal based George Stamos is a versatile choreographer, dancer and educator. In his formative years Stamos was a go-go dancer in Toronto, London, Amsterdam and NYC and he is a 1993 graduate of The Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Ipswich and London based Robert Pacitti is an artist and curator, working across film, sound, text and performance. He is a Visiting Professor of the Arts at University Campus Suffolk.

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