Katherine Houston (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014

New Wolsey Studio

Photo by Gary Hicklin

A sisyphean struggle with an internal emotional state, externally.

This performance becomes a semantic super highway between tactile edible substances and physical and psychological states. Step into a world where a one-woman food fight becomes not only a battle against viscid ingredients, but a question of the body’s abilities, especially when areas of vital impact become blocked.

2 guilty feet; 3 microphones; 38kg dough; 1 act of faith; 6 pints of syrup; 40lt cream; 1 search for freedom

Part exhaustive action, part art-joke, some karaoke, some cake making…who will win this battle of substance / body / mind?

Kat is a live artist and performance maker interested in exploring theories of the abject, otherness and feminism in her work. She often plays with duration, physical exhaustion, and comedy.

This work was originally developed as part of her Masters research (in Theatre and Performance at the University of Chichester) and developed under the mentorship of Dickie Beau.

Made with support from The University of Chichester.

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