In Eldersfield Chapter One: Elegy for Paul Dirac

Kings of England

Fri 22 Apr 2011
Sat 23 Apr 2011

Pit Theatre, Barbican

Kings of England

In 2009 SPILL launched a National Platform for emerging talent at the National Theatre Studio. In a special double bill two of the selected artists now present new works. Kings of England is one of them.

‘In Eldersfield’ by Kings of England is a ten-chapter cycle of works for the twentieth century, to which we are no longer beholden but will always belong. Against a culture of lessening means and receding hopes, we raise the toast (again): to Dead Dogs, Dead Children, Dead Lovers, Dead Heroes, and how good it is to be alive. Broadening our concern for lost histories and unsayable things, we present an historical epic of open questions and long silences, in a quiet refusal to mean.

Artists Profile

From a father-and-son double act (Where We Live & What We Live For, 2009), Kings of England have grown into a shifting collective of artists working in the theatre and beyond. Our work moves between personal, social and cultural memory, as we imagine – then build – a theatre where pasts and futures unsettle the present.

Performance time: 15:00

Sylvia Rimat and Simon Bowes talk hosted by Robert Pacitti, 22 Apil, 18.15pm in the Hammerson Room (free event)

Photo credit: Kings of England