I’m Not Here or The Dying Swan

Andre Masseno

Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mon 09 Apr 2007


Raquel Rocha

A man is among balloons, a birthday cake and a microphone. This man is haunted by memories. Historical memories are embedded in him… A male choreographer, a female dancer and a bird.

Over ninety-nine years the bird dies once again. They are shadows of that man. He didn’t choose these partners but they follow his thoughts and questions. He knows them very well, but they don’t…

A dance commentary developed in dialogue with Michel Fokine’s 1907 choreographic piece ‘The Dying Swan’, which was created specially for dancer Anna Pavlova, ‘I’m Not Here’ or ‘The Dying Swan’ operates at the blurred intersection of dance, theatre and live art. Marking out an unsettling, fragile ground both with and across the performer’s body, it serves as an important point of departure to consider significant questions of identity, representation, gender and the legacies of performance.

André Masseno is a Brazilian dancer, actor, choreographer, costume designer and stage director. He has created a number of solo performances fusing dance, theatre and live art – ‘ana/grama’ (1999), ‘Explicit Lyrics’ (2002), ‘Baleia’ (2004) and ‘I’m not here or The Dying Swan’ (2004). He has also collaborated widely, both as a movement researcher and director, and performs regularly for Brazilian choreographer Dani Lima. In 2003 he worked on ‘Finale’ with Pacitti Company in Rio de Janeiro.