I Sleep In The Light Where I Am Safe

Amy Brooks

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Jordan Hutchings Bbeyond

I propose to create an action. A live action. Take me out of Northern Ireland and place me in England. I have travelled and my body is now located in Ipswich, England. I am no longer familiar with my surroundings.

I will plaster set honey to the wall with my bare hands. I will apply myself and the honey to the wall. Smear. Cover. Endure. Silence is imperative. The weight of the honey will push itself down the walls, seep onto the floor and begin to pool. The honey will move as if alive. The honey is the body. Quiet. Listen. Take heed in the movement. This is all there is. 

Amy Brooks is a performance artist based in Belfast. She studied her BA in Fine and Applied Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2008-11. After graduating from Sculpture with a first class honours, Brooks is currently a Co-Director at Catalyst Arts Gallery in Belfast.