I Guess If The Stage Exploded

Sylvia Rimat

Fri 22 Apr 2011
Sat 23 Apr 2011

Pit Theatre, Barbican

Laura Montag

In 2009 SPILL launched a National Platform for emerging talent at the National Theatre Studio. In a special double bill two of the selected artists now present new works. Sylvia Rimat is one of them.

Performance artist Sylvia Rimat follows the aspirational and possibly impossible goal to create a show never to be forgotten by its audience members – not a single one. By presenting memory tasks and techniques, the audience will systematically be trained to remember. ‘I guess if the stage exploded…’ draws on presence and sight, on what happens in our brain when we create memories, and our urge to be special and forever commemorated.

Artist Profile

Sylvia Rimat is a performance maker from Germany, currently living  in Bristol. Her projects often revolve around the process of  remembering, personal histories, lived places, risk, and how we  orientate ourselves. She is interested in the Live moment of  performance and likes to play with the presence of an audience,  whilst applying low-profile methods for creating places, situations  and interactions in space.


Concept and performance: Sylvia Rimat

Outside Eye: Rhiannon Chaloner

External skype performers: Birgit Binder, Andrés Galeano, Malcolm Whittaker & Georgie Meagher

Photo credit: Laura Montag

Performance time: 15:00

Sylvia Rimat and Simon Bowes talk hosted by Robert Pacitti
22 Apil, 18.15pm in the Hammerson Room (free event)

Both Kings of Enlgand and Sylvia Rimat’s performances are funded by the Arts Council England