I Feel Love!

George Chakravarthi

Sat 25 Apr 2009

Soho Theatre

George Chakravarthi’s I Feel Love! is an outdoor durational performance examining ways in which the body is traditionally portrayed in public sculpture, memorials and popular culture.

I Feel Love! is a contemporary interpretation of the dance marathons popularised in the USA during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The lure of cash prizes and fame at these events attracted individuals and fading stars hit hard by the economic crisis to participate in these exhausting events by dancing until they dropped.

I Feel Love! will be performed by George Chakravarthi’s latest persona Johnny Shekontai, an exhibitionist and aspiring porn-star. This new work examines the solidity and architecture of a public space, in relation to the fragility and endurance of the body, the pre-Aids hedonistic queer culture of the 1970’s, the coming of age and emergence of Black and Asian artists in the 80’s and the post modernist perspective of the 90’s fueled by designers drugs, policed sexualities and nostalgia – articulated from beginning to end to the anthem of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love!

Chakravarthi considers much of his work to be a series of self-portraits. As a multi-disciplinary artist he draws inspiration from cinema, art history, public and private spaces and from collective social histories. He has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally from venues as diverse as The Site Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Modern, UK, Mousonturm, Germany, Tilburg Dance Academy, The Netherlands, The Queens Gallery, India to museums and public spaces.

He has studied at The University of Brighton, The Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal College of Art where he finished his MA in 2003.
He was a ‘Thinker in Residence’ at The Live Art Development Agency and lecturers at The University of Brighton.
George Chakravarthi lives and works in London.


Project Curator – Adelaide Bannerman
Photo Credit – Pau Ross