Hardboiled? – Exposing Masculinity

Paul Easterbrook

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Luke Cano

HardBoiled? – Exposing Masculinity is a confrontation of masculine personas, the body’s interaction with the strong yet fallible materials of rock and metal creates a narrative portraying the versatility of masculine identities. This can be seen to take place between the body’s resilience and vulnerability, and its success and failures within the work.

With a BA Honours in Drama from Queen Mary University of London, Live Artist Paul Easterbrook returned to the university and has recently completed an MA in Theatre and Performance. His work is an exploration into the cultural politics of the body in relation to masculinity, male identity and class. By exploring his own perception of self the artist attempts to interpret the many perceptions of masculinity he sees, and portrays within a varied social existence. The artist engages with materials that signify notions of traditional masculinity. The work then attempts to scrutinise these materials in a way that may highlight their strengths and fallibility, as the materials in turn allow the artist to investigate his own physical thresholds.