Hamlet: (Tissues)

Jungmin Song

Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

Jungmin Song

Jungmin Song retells the stories of revenge and suicide in Hamlet with a water spray, a box of tissues and a table. Hamlet: (Tissues)’ draws attention to the use of liquid in the play’s deaths: Ophelia drowns herself while Hamlet, Hamlet’s father, Gertrude and Claudius are all murdered with a liquid poison. Meanwhile, tissues have another implication, as collections of cells that form the different parts of humans, animals and plants. On the table, tissues infected with water deteriorate, enacting the deaths in Shakespeare’s tragedy.

The core of Jungmin Song’s performance practice is to construct methodologies to animate everyday objects in a way that is more truthful to the object itself and to Song’s body. Jungmin Song has worked on creating performances with objects such as glasses, pencils, biscuits and thread.

Photo credit: Jungmin Song