Good Friday: The Clinical Depression Concept Album Show

David Parkin

Thu 01 Nov 2012


Photo by Stephen Lynch

Moving, charming and devastatingly honest, Good Friday deals with a troubling issue in an approachable and entertaining way. With tunes. And gags.

In 2009, David Parkin suffered from clinical depression. As he recovered he taught himself how to play the piano and found himself writing an album about his breakdown. Taking to the stage with two talented multi-instrumentalists, David presents the album in his own inimitable, charismatic way.

Chatting between songs he tells us of the breakdown and of the love affair between man and piano that blossomed as he wrote the album. Expect beautiful music, scary music, funny music, a bass, a knife, a glockenspiel, the stars at night, two cellos and a black dog.                                                  

A former director of arts organisation metro-boulot-dodo, David has toured their work nationally and internationally. He was also a child star (Hope and Glory and toy adverts), so if you like John Boorman and Lego this could be for you.