Amy Lord

Fri 02 Nov 2012

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Amy Lord

FUNERAL is a detox experience for the mind, heart and memory – for one at a time. Bring or make a memento of something you’d like to forget: an object, a photograph, a scent, a letter – anything steeped in a memory or emotion that you no longer want to have.

We are a culture of therapy-goers and self-help book readers, sitting in a circle sharing our addictions and obsessions. Can we really help ourselves?

Or are these flaws and scars now ingrained within us?

Everyone around me is detoxing. To shed weight, cleanse their liver and to generally feel a bit smug about being so self-disciplined. But they’re missing the most important organs of our being – the heart and mind. 

Amy Lord is a live artist, designer and director making original multi-textured and layered encounters and experiences; mixing installation, performance and craft. Her work is about human behaviour and society and blurring the lines between reality and art. Amy has so far presented work at performance festivals at GreenRoom, The Bluecoat, Barbican Plymouth, BAC and CPT.

Note: One-to-one experience. Limited capacity. Sign up on the day at SPILL Central.