Fruit Joy

Daniella Valz Gen (PERU)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

Town Hall

Photo by Ludovic Pujol

What if Carmen Miranda danced all night in smouldering heat with ripe fruits on her head, what would remain at the end?

Fruit Joy is a durational performance placing the body as a site where desire, consumption and culture collide. It enacts the otherness of the exotic body, linking it to the everyday materiality of tropical fruit, and articulating the complexity of power relations beneath the surface.

Fruit Joy subverts the appeal of tropical exoticism, by initially embracing it to then expose its oppression, until it collapses under its own weight as fruit juices ferment and sweetness turns sour.

Daniella Valz Gen’s work investigates subjectivity through an exploration of materiality. Her practice emphasises process and experiment as a way to inhabit fluidity and liminality. Valz Gen’s work interrogates the nature of experience, and the boundaries between the collective and the individual as a way to understand identity.

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