Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio


Jen wants to talk to you. Lucy wants more. They’ve got some stuff they found in a garage, a strict no-touch policy, and conflicting ideas about how to keep you happy. Maverick makers GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN went to see a show where the performers wrote them letters. They didn’t write back – instead this unravelling game of truth and lies is their response. External hurls a conversation about authenticity and originality right out into the open and forces it to fight for its life, giggling, gnashing and doing its own head in. Let’s get the party started.

GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN is a London-based performance company, formed in 2008. They play with failure, attempt, amateurism, improvisation, found objects, found texts, endurance and exercise, the act of utterance, trashiness, the pathetic, triumph, mess and the strict forms of genres.

Devised by the company. Performance: Lucy McCormick, Jennifer Pick. Direction: Hester Chillingworth.