Exquisite Pain

Forced Entertainment

Tue 10 Apr 2007
Wed 11 Apr 2007
Thu 12 Apr 2007
Fri 13 Apr 2007
Sat 14 Apr 2007

Soho Theatre

In ‘Exquisite Pain’ a woman tells the story of a painful break up and then does it all again and again… and again.

The stage is shared with a male performer. His stories are all different but each describes a moment of great unhappiness, alternating with hers. Her story is introduced with “five days ago the man I love left me,” and so on each time with a few more days’ distance until day 98 and its unexpected turn. On each telling the story subtly alters. Initially the pain is too chaotic to fix an image of her desolation but as she continues, and as it eases a little, certain elements become less important. There is a new detail, something else has been forgotten, discarded or amplified, the information is arranged differently. From this simple, even unlikely premise Forced Entertainment have created a gripping piece of theatre.