Tom White

Thu 01 Nov 2012, Fri 02 Nov 2012, Sat 03 Nov 2012

Photo by Tom White

Exposures aims to present contrasting therapy techniques offered to sufferers of social anxiety problems of the modern world, specifically that of spacial fears: claustrophobia and agoraphobia. The piece offers an insight into these disorders through unflinching documentation; sufferers try to conquer their fear by taking part in exposure therapy sessions by confronting the phobia head on. The installation will also present moving image projections of virtual reality exposure sessions as a contrasting technique that references a hyper-realist science fiction. The work highlights the often overlooked phobia that many people suffer from and questions whether a modern society has brought on such issues itself, in a sensitive enlightening way.

Tom White is a London based artist who works with various multi-media platforms: sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. His recorded work has even released regularly since 2009, including contributions to My Dance The Skull’s Voice Studies series and projects with Hackney Film Festival and LUX moving image. His work has been shown across the UK and North America.