Do What Thou Wilt

Harminder Judge

Mon 18 Apr 2011, Tue 19 Apr 2011, Wed 20 Apr 2011

Pit Theatre, Barbican

Harminder Judge

Following on from ‘The Modes of Al Ikseer’ created for SPILL 2009, Harminder Judge will present a new experimental work for SPILL 2011. Do What Thou Wilt is the dark B-side to Modes and attempts to explore the occult’s influence on popular culture.

For the Modes of Al-Ikseer Judge created a white liquid floor using milk to symbolize the ancient ambrosia said to contain the elixir of life, upon which a figure rotated slowly, as if risen up through the nectar and surrounded by electro inspired flashes of light. For Do What Thou Wilt he will attempt to invert this image, and to create a dark sky from which a figure descends into a vat of black liquid, an unholy baptism, through a wall of sound.
Taking his title from the infamous 20th Century occultist Aleister Crowley, Judge will work with light artist Rod Maclachlan and musician Rob Glover to produce a 45-minute immersive installation. Ivan Thorley will execute the central performance.

The soundtrack will take as its core the first ever satanic mass to be recorded to vinyl by 60’s psychedelic rock band Coven, wax cylinder recordings of Aleister Crowley’s enigmatic teachings within Thelema, amateur documentaries on Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, and a liberal sprinkling of the infamous Norwegian Black Metal scene.
The performance will take place predominantly in darkness and will incorporate smoke and lasers to invoke the intoxication of magick.

Artist Profile

Harminder Judge creates interdisciplinary artwork that explores the enduring appeal of spirituality and the space it inhabits, both physical and metaphorical, in a post-modern and largely secular society. An interest in the marketing techniques that drive religious theory into mainstream consciousness mixed with a love of contemporary pop culture makes for a diverse yet centred starting point for the creation of visual and performance based artworks and projects. Judge has created and shown work for a wide range of organisations and festivals, and most recently has had a solo exhibition at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham and undertaken a Difference Exchange research residency in Kuala Lumpur focusing on faith practises. Harminder was the winner of the 2011 Arts Foundation Fellowship Award for Performance & Live Art.

Performance time: 19:45 (21:15 on 18 Apr)

Running time: approx 45mins / no interval

Harminder Judge post show talk hosted by Robert Pacitti 20 April, 18.15pm in the Hammerson Room (free event)

World Premiere
A SPILL Commission

Photo credit: Harminder Judge