Chloë Smith (UK)

Thu 01 Jan 1970
Thu 01 Jan 1970

Christchurch Mansion

10:30 – 16:30 // Durational // Free

Photo by Piotr Piasta

In April 2015 Chloë began to grieve. A year and a half later she is still grieving. Disperse is a way to channel that sorrow. To comprehend and accept what happens to us when we die.

Material is ground down to ash. A choir sings a lament for the living and for the dead. In a circle of pestles and mortars, the audience are invited to join Chloë in a ritual of death and disappearing.

Chloë Smith is a Bristol based artist who works with performance and dance. Her work is made with, and for communities, exploring their importance in today’s society. She is currently creating a new series of works around death, grief and being alive.

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